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Circon Constructions Pty Ltd is committed to carrying out our construction operations in such a way as to have minimal effects on the local and broader environment.

Circon are in the process of setting up a complete Environment Management system with the aim of have it certified to ISO 140001 by Late 2013.

In the mean time you can view our Environment Policy by clicking here or you can read further details of how we currently address environmental issues associated with our construction sites below.


Where possible and practical we endeavour to minimise waste by the following principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This methodology applies equally to both our construction sites and the office operations. To this end Circon is partnering with a new company Mobius Materials Recovery to help ensure that the maximum amount of recyclable or reusable materials are diverted from landfill. To learn more about Mobius click here.

  • Reduce - Materials are ordered sparingly to reduce waste
  • Reuse - If possible redundant materials are reused for other purposes such as temporary structures and where appropriate items are rejuvenated / reused rather than replaced
  • Recycle - Where possible and practical in larger amounts redundant materials as a result of demolition or excess packaging is sorted and recycled.

Soil Erosion / Storm Water Protection
Where deemed appropriate for a specific sites, Circon will instigate one of or a combination of the following measures to restrict soil erosion during the construction period and to protect the local storm water system from excess sediment contamination

  • Cut off trench and sump along lower boundary
  • Staked cut off screen using weed mat material dug into the soil
  • Hay bale filters
  • Vehicle wash down point

Waste Control
Every Circon Construction site is controlled with respect to waste management using one or more of the following measures;

  • Every site is separated from the surrounding properties by either the building shell in the case of refurbishments or temporary chain wire mesh fencing in the case of new construction.
  • Any builders compounds are also delineated by either temporary chain wire mesh fence or timber hoardings.
  • Each site will have either an enclosed rubbish cage which is collected regularly by our own truck or a rubbish skip kept in an area directly adjacent the work area which is collected regularly by one of our bin contractors
  • We also use 240 litre wheelie bins on site for direct rubbish control in the immediate work areas

Resource Use
Our construction sites use minimal resources which are restricted mainly to electricity and water;

  • Maintain minimal access lighting to the work areas and make sure these are switched off during the day and when not required.
  • Maintain minimal security lighting at night to a similar level equivalent to emergency / exit lighting in a completed building.
  • Avoid use of external flood lighting as security lighting, flood lighting to be used only for construction activities that need to be carried out after hours
  • Use only high pressure washers for cleaning down of construction areas where necessary.
  • Ensure temporary amenities and temporary water supplies are maintained and free from leaks

Asset Protection
Circon aim to avoid damage to surrounding area by utilising the following measures where appropriate:

  • Crossing protection
  • Temporary crushed rock access driveways within the sites to cut down soil transfer to surrounding roads
  • Protection of surrounding trees as required with bollards or temporary fencing to prevent damage by machinery or equipment.
  • Protection of adjacent footpaths and drains as outlined above under soil erosion protection

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