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Quality Assurance System
Since Circon was established we have had an extensive management system in place to manage our projects to ensure they are completed on program, within the project budget and to the quality required by the project documents and the client.

Our management system has grown from a requirement of the Circon directors that the client should be able to quickly receive accurate information about the status of their project regardless of whether they are talking to the Project Manager, Construction Manager or one of the Directors.

The system is more than just a Quality Assurance manual and incorporates the selection and structure of our staffing, the company culture and the use of the daily management tools that have been established to help manage the projects some of which are listed below;

  • Pre-start project handover meeting involving the company directors, construction manager, estimator and project manager.
  • Contract letting meeting between construction and project managers to ensure contracts have been let effectively.
  • Comprehensive project budget tracking all contracts, payments, variations, PC adjustments and progress claims.
  • Regular fortnightly site meetings with the client
  • Each project manager is responsible for only 2-4 no. projects at a time to ensure they can dedicate enough time to each project.
  • Each project has a site manager to coordinate the day to day activities on site.
  • Extensive standard project management documents to ensure all aspects of the project are adequately documented such as;

    - Sub contract agreements and check lists
    - Site minutes
    - RFI registers
    - Project working programs
    - Full 'As Built' documentation

Our Quality System is now certified to ISO9001 and you can view the following critical system documents by clicking on the appropriate links below;

- Circon Quality System Certificate
- Circon Quality Policy
- Circon Quality Objectives