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Pre Planning Project Construction Advice
We can provide planning advice on various ways to approach the construction of your new project, specifically which construction options might be the most cost and/or time effective to achieve the desired result.

No Obligation Budget Estimates
Based on only town planning documents or even preliminary floor plans we can provide a no obligation budget estimate for your proposed project including design and documentation costs, site works, all construction activities and completion of the works to enable you to gain funding approval.

Traditional Tender
Traditional hard tenders of fully documented projects submitted on time with all relevant supporting paperwork including fully detailed tender letters and as required, tender breakdowns, specification of speciality items, details on PC allowances and confirmation of construction programs.

Fixed Price Design & Construct Tender
Circon's directors have successfully completed a large number of Design and Construct projects in the past based on as little as a proposed floor plan and a basic 3 - 4 page specification of requirements and finishes. We are happy to provide a fixed price tender for your project including coordination and direction of all aspects required to design and document the project, gain town planning and building approvals, complete all required construction works including connections and any statutory or authorities requirements and provide you with a comprehensive manual and 12 month maintenance period at the completion of the construction works.

Turn Key Construction Project Management
In addition to the above Design and Construct services, and depending on the size of your project, we can also arrange funding and a 'Turn-Key' service where you leave the entire construction process to us until the project is ready to hand over with payment made at the completion of the works once the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.