Circon Constructions  


Circon Constructions generally have between 30 and 40 full time staff at any point of time but this varies depending on the number of projects we have on at any point.  We also have around 15 experienced foremen, carpenters and labourers that we employ on short term contracts from time to time to assist us when required if we have a large number of projects or larger projects that require additional site staff.

During the course of your project you will, in the majority of cases, be dealing with our management team.  Our management team is made up of 15 office based staff made up of the following people;

Company Directors: Dean van Huizen and Mark Pettenuzzo
Chief Financial Officer: Heather Denman
Construction Manager: Mick Harris
Estimating Team: David Percy, Will Debney and Debbie Cavanagh
Project Managers: Cameron Kern, Ian McKee, Jeremy Booth, Isabelle Asfar, Brad Hunter, and Tony Timperio
Accounts Manager: Lesley O’Donnell
Project Managers Assistant: Cathy Wentworth
Office Assistant: Tara Van Huizen
Receptionist: Renee Cleary

Primarily you will be dealing with the company directors, construction manager and one of our various project managers.  

A brief CV for each of these people is listed on our Staff Qualifications page. Click here for more detail.