No job is too small. Circon Constructions is widely experienced in every size project, from new builds to major renovations, to small minor projects. Circon is able to scale down their prelims to match the size of the project. No matter the size of the project the full experience of Circon is applied to ensure even the smallest job is completed to the highest quality. Circon's competitive pricing, transparency and client focused approach allows clients the security their minor projects are completed in the same manner as the multi-million Dollar new builds.


95 High St
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Broomfield Rd, Hawthorn
Cafe 250 Black


Kooyong Rd, Toorak
Thomas Dux - 2 Projects
Woolworths Dock Improvements - 9 projects


Karen Millen - 2 Projects
Paul & Joe - 2 projects
Salvos Store, FTG
Subaru Fountain Gate